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Pawnbrokers Insurance

Policy for

Pawn Brokers Insurance

  • Pawnbrokers
  • Gold Recyclers

Coverage available for:

  • Stock, including own stock and pawned items; Jewellery and Non-Jewellery Stock
  • Money on/off premises
  • Patterns, Moulds, Models and Dies
  • Furniture, Fixtures, Machinery, Tools and Fittings
  • Tenants Improvements
  • Stock left Out of Safe when closed for business
  • Stock in bank vault
  • Stock in windows
  • Stock with repair centers
  • Personal conveyance / travel coverage
  • Trunk Show Coverage
  • Trade Show Coverage
  • Stock in transit via Overnight Shipping by common carriers
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Flood coverage
  • Sewer Back Up coverage
  • Commercial General Liability coverage
  • Business Interruption coverage
  • Exterior Glass

Wording highlights

  • Replacement Cost Settlement on Properties other than Stock
  • Replacement Cost Settlement on Own Stock
  • Settlement on Pawned Items is 200% of the pledge value less the outstanding loan plus interest own to insured.


Excellent Service!

We have been with Greenwood General Insurance for many years and are completely satisfied with their products and services.

- Christine Jewellers Ltd


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